Must-read finds, hand-picked by the team at Brave UX

Bravery 3/22

Avoiding Chatbot Failure

Bots are hot right now and users expect a delightful and seamless experience. Here are seven common reasons bots fall flat.

Discover the Narrative in Your Content

We’re eager to solve problems in UX, but never ignore storytelling in your effort to present solutions.

Augmented Reality is the New Art

VR may be the third digital dimension, but Augmented Reality is blending our physical and digital worlds to beautiful new art forms.

It’s ok for beautiful UI to be imperfect

Designers should expect that what users need today, they may not tomorrow. And that means our designs are imperfect, but still beautiful.

AI has an Accent Problem

It can be funny when Siri, Alexa and Google Home get stumped, but it’s no laughing matter when these assistants can’t do anything without being spoken to like a toddler.

It’s Alive (Design)!

Emotive design captures the essence of the present. See how incorporating Alive Design in mobile UX interactions can improve usability.