Must-read finds, hand-picked by the team at Brave UX

Bravery 4/19

Scrolling Animations 101

The difference between subtle and annoying is a delicate balance, but this guide will help you design scroll-triggered animations that support branding and direct attention every time.

Usability Through Motion

Don’t miss these 12 principles to find opportunities where motion can support better usability in your UX projects.

Designing a UI for Literacy

How do you design for users with no familiarity of modern technology? Microsoft is designing an interface to teach women in Guatemala how to read and speak Spanish.

The Real MVP

We hear MVP frequently in product design but what does the term actually mean? Read this breakdown of what makes a makes a Minimum Viable Product truly viable.

Accessible Design Benefits All Users

Don’t assume every user experiences your product the same way, and use this guide to design features with inclusion and diversity in mind.

Augmented Reality is Coming to Your Newsfeed

Facebook just revealed their vision of the future where augmented reality blankets the physical world with a digital layer over everything we see and touch.