Must-read finds, hand-picked by the team at Brave UX

Bravery January 18

Rich Internet, Poor Internet

Rich and poor teens may spend the same amount of time on the internet, but how they use it is dramatically different. The digital divide goes beyond just access.

Emotional 👏 Websites 👏 Work 👏

Want to appeal to your users? You better show them your human side. Appeal to their emotions and see your conversion rates skyrocket.

20 Years of UX: What I Learned & What’s Next

After 20 years, the founder of Creative Good has some lessons and ideas for what’s to come in UX. Here’s a hint: your customers matter.

A is for Animation

Remember when animation was just to delight users? Well, not it’s one of the most important tools for successful user interactions. Learn to master it like a champ.

Branded Motion and Interaction

Brand should be consistent—and distinctly you—across every interaction. This helpful guide will give your brand a clear point of view and ownable moments.

But Nobody Wants an App

Why download an app when a URL works just fine? Great question. The answer may just be progressive web apps, which don’t even require download.