Must-read finds, hand-picked by the team at Brave UX

Bravery 5/24

One Image Size Does Not Fit All

Resizing images to fit smaller screens is a design choice that can cause awkward cropping or unnecessary scrolling. Avoid common image scaling pitfalls with these tips.

Linguistics of Design Systems

Design and code share a connection with the written word. We should understand design systems as languages that give us one voice to reach users through our products.

Better Metrics, Better Design

Data can lead teams down the wrong path, so it’s important to evaluate designs practically and accurately. Here are six methods to creating helpful design metrics.

The Power of UI Motion

Motion design creates the same connection as interactions with real-life, physical objects. These are the five pillars of UI Motion for higher usability.

Users Want One Thing Per Page

The best forms break complex processes down into smaller pieces. This pattern is flexible and embraces the web to make things easy for all users.

AI is our UX Design Assistant

There was a time when designs couldn’t suit all user preferences, but AI is filling the gap with deep learning so UX designers deliver more optimized interfaces for more users.