Must-read finds, hand-picked by the team at Brave UX

Bravery 3/15

Bring UX to Your Entire Company - by Starting Small

Getting coworkers and teams to care about UX can be challenging - but this strategy that starts in small, iterative steps will start a UX revolution.

Establish Principles, not Permutations

You can’t start a complex system with tactical, iterative sprints. Instead, decide your guiding principles early to make sure you’re answering the right questions.

Stop Stuffing Everything into Cards

If you’re going to rely on cards in your next UI, make sure you do them right. Philosophy aside, this guide lays the groundwork for better cards.

2017’s Mobile Screens Will Be Taller Than Ever

Both Apple and Android are launching phones that break the 16:9 ratio that many mobile apps rely on, requiring a re-think on how display size factors into usability.

Forget Driverless Cars: Listen to Music and GPS at the Same Time

While we’re waiting for the next big car revolution, Spotify and Waze are cross-integrating their features to create two takes on a common car problem.

Virtual User Experience: How to Get Started in VR

After Flat design comes immersive interfaces with depth. Here’s how to nail the experience of the third digital dimension.