Must-read finds, hand-picked by the team at Brave UX

Bravery 5/17

Measure UX Success

More organizations recognize the importance of design, but how can we prove its lasting value? Manage and measure UX success with these 10 concepts.

Better Mobile Navigation

Mobile navigation patterns all suffer from their own usability problems. This guide will help you move users through your UI with ease.

Intro to Fluid Typography

The idea is relatively new, but we can create scalable, fluid typography across multiple breakpoints with predefined font sizes — and automate it all with Sass.

Sidebars Aren’t Dead Yet

The popularity of sidebars is waning as minimalism gains traction, but consider the research before deciding to abandon or adopt sidebars in your design.

Experiments in Scrolling Sideways

Most interfaces rely on vertical scrolling. Is this always best for usability? One designer attempts to explore how a horizontal scrolling system for apps could work.

UX is the Future of Machine Learning

As machine learning fundamentally changes product design, only UX can answer the ethical and practical considerations of these new systems.