Must-read finds, hand-picked by the team at Brave UX

Bravery – Feb 7

Designing for Color Blindness

The color blindness struggle is real! 8 of every 100 users may not see your app in full color. Here's how to leverage the right combinations, use symbols, and make your product beautiful no matter who sees it.

Solving America’s Problems… With Design

This is a call to action if ever we’ve seen one. Designers have a very special skill set for solving problems, so it’s time to engage in your community, remove roadblocks, and design a better tomorrow.

The Evolution of Flat Design

If content is king, then it wears a crown of flat design. Through the years, flat design has used minimalism, color, and typography to channel focus on the most important thing. Viva la content.

Fighting Fake News

How can UX vaccinate against “alternative facts”? One expert borrows crowd-sourced validation from Rotten Tomatoes and Yelp to create a cheeky SHAITE detector.

4 Basic Rules of Navigation

How do users get around your app or website? Providing a clear, simple navigation is crucial to user success and satisfaction. These rules will put you on the right path.

What Mobile Users Really Want

What’s the difference between a user’s mobile and desktop behavior? Good thing we did our homework. Here’s why speed, sharing, and security are so important on your handheld device.