US Dept of Health
and Human Services

Who says government
work is boring?

Wellness Application

We created Felix: an exciting, dynamic, and truly engaging wellness portal that is 0% boring.

Numbers and gauges are only part of the solution.

Not everyone is motivated by numbers, and it’s hard to quantify happiness. So we created a challenge-based model that provides qualitative feedback on top of users’ stats.

Give users what they want, and they’ll come back for more.

We give users hundreds of ways to customize their profile and experience. Color themes, avatars, and badges all increase the user’s desire to engage with Felix, increasing their chance of staying on track.

“Their secret is fearlessness. No one has achieved anything by playing it safe. Brave UX gets that. Their talent, ideas, and passion took an ordinary offering and made it revolutionary. This is how every project should be done.”

Tomas Bonome, Acting Director, Federal Occupational Health (FOH)

Sometimes, you find something that just works.

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