Federal Occupational Health

A healthier America, one 
employee at a time

Brand System & Online Platform

We gave Federal Occupational Health (FOH) a brand system as dynamic as the department, and an interactive user experience to serve the needs of federal employees everywhere.


One size does not fit all

With the vast number of services that FOH offers, their online experience had to be dead-simple and easily navigable.


Health starts from within

Thanks to meticulously planned information architecture and airy design, a system this complex has never seemed so clean and straightforward.


  • Brand System
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Front-end Development

Dress it up, 
dress it down

The mark reflects the mission of FOH, uniting the American flag with a symbol of wellness and progress. A traditional seal fits right in next to other federal agencies while the custom icons hint at a more human-centric, modern personality.

From California to the New York Island

Although FOH calls Washington, D.C. home, they offer service sites all over the country. We gave users a clear path to find the locations and services nearest them.

Advancing the health,safety, and productivityof federal employees.FOH70 years

“The new FOH brand is unlike anything else in the government, and that was a risk we wanted to take, but we needed a little push. We had already worked with Brave and had such great results that we knew we were making the right decision. They took us right up to the edge, told us to open our eyes, and we were blown away. Sometimes, you have to be brave, and other times, you just have to work with Brave.”

Tomas Bonome, Director, Federal Occupational Health (FOH)

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