Let your great work 
do the talking

Brand System & Publishing Platform

We created two brand systems and platforms that showcase the great minds, work, and content from the Upturn team.


Make it clear and simple.

Upturn needed a brand system that made their work—in law and technology—friendly and accessible, just like they are.


Friendly, modern, and fresh

We kept the tone and visual direction lighthearted and simple, letting Upturn’s personality shine.


  • Brand System
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Front-end Development

Brands that play together stay together.

We built a second, complementary brand system and website to support Upturn’s online publication, Equal Future. This platform maintains its own content and identity, but shares the same accessible tone that makes them stand out in the space.

“When we started, I thought the main impact of branding and design work would be to change how other people saw our work. The part I didn’t foresee was that beautiful design, when taken to this level, also shapes the way we see ourselves. There’s something inspiring about knowing how great our work can look. It’s going to help us bring our best writing and thinking to the table.”

David Robinson, Principal, Upturn

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