Transforming homeowners 
into home-selling experts

Sale-by-Owner Contract Application

We designed a web application that empowers homeowners to sell their property without a real estate agent.


Selling your home in 1-2-3

We set out to make the selling process so simple that any homeowner could do it.


A simple UI that
keeps users on track

We designed an interface that gives users information, guidance, and instructions when they need them.


  • Brand System
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design

Guide users through the contract process

A step-by-step tracker acts as the navigation, showing where you are in the process and what to expect next.

Insights and statistics at your fingertips

Selling your home is a big deal. We make sure users have the most valuable information to make the best decision.

Contracts don’t have to be intimidating

We made forms that are as easy on the eyes as they are easy to use.

We’d work with them again in a heartbeat.

They are incredibly talented and we loved their work product. Their strategic approach to UX and design helped us build a great foundation. We’d work with them again in a heartbeat.

Kevin Bennett, Co-Founder, HomeZen

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