Identity Automation

Making working together 
simple and secure

Identity Management Platform

We created a unified product platform that gives users and administrators the right access to the right apps and the right data.


One UX for all

We designed a platform that performs for users of all ages, from grade-school students and administrators to business owners and their employees.


A flexible, intuitive framework

We simplified the platform’s structure to make it easier to manage software and data access across organizations.


  • Information Architecture
  • Application Design

Navigating without 
having to think

We designed an approach that anticipates and prioritizes based 
on what users need to do first, most, or almost never.

Unified under a 
common canvas

New modules and features don’t have to be built from scratch. 
A powerful underlying system of visual space can handle any 
combination of data that a user might need.

A design for tomorrow

We translated deep functionality, previously only possible in Flex, into a go-anywhere, HTML-5 native design, for users today and tomorrow.

Working with their team has been nothing short of amazing.

It is rare to work with another company with the same passion for excellence as we have here at Identity Automation. We certainly see that same passion in Brave UX. Our experience working with their team has been nothing short of amazing. We are now seeing the fruits of their labor in our products today, and I am extremely happy with their work!

Troy Moreland, Founder & CTO, Identity Automation

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