Independent Journal Review

Social-First, Mobile-First News Platform

Redesigning Your
Morning Paper

IJR's Republican Debate landing page.

We designed an interface for Independent Journal Review, a news publishing platform that averages over 40 million visitors each month.

The Problem

Social media drives more traffic to the Independent Journal Review platform than any other source. Our job was to decrease the drop-off rate and increase brand recognition.

The Solution

The clean, cohesive, and fully responsive experience provides much needed clarity for the user and credibility for the publication.

A user browsing the Independent Journal Review website on their mobile phone.


When you hire Brave, you get the Navy Seals of User Experience: a highly skilled group of experts who precisely navigate the mission you give them. They immediately get to work after deeply understanding your organization’s goals, and quickly deliver what you thought was close to impossible: satisfying all the internal stakeholders while, more importantly, designing an experience that sends the user on a journey that keeps them happy, returning, and ultimately having more brand affinity.

Carl Sceusa

Chief Technology Officer