Urban development 
by the numbers

Commercial Real Estate Insight Platform

We designed a platform that makes commercial development data actually usable.


What’s going on?

Commercial real estate data is tough to find and even harder to understand. We had to make it meaningful and easy to use.


A unified view of numbers, plus context

We designed a cross-platform interface that shows what’s happening at any address, powered by real-time data.


  • Brand System
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design

Keeping track so you don’t miss a beat

Powerful history, note-taking, and favoriting features are synced on every version of this tool, so users aren’t left guessing.

Powerful metrics, even on-the-go

Screen size shouldn’t kill your productivity. We packed the same advanced metrics into a touch-friendly format.

“We came to Brave with an early build and a list of problems; what we left with was a fully realized platform and brand. They took the time to understand our customer, asking thoughtful questions which ultimately increased the product’s value. Without Brave, Recity wouldn’t be what it is today – a product we are incredibly proud of.”

Guggan Datta, Founder, Recity

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