Happier Hiring 
with Transparency

Developer Hiring Platform

We designed a hiring platform that translates how companies think into how developers actually want to be treated.


Hiring is a shot in the dark

Inaccurate job postings. Inane requirements. Resumes that never get a reply. The hiring process for technical people is fundamentally broken on both sides.


An honest meaningful platform

Sane presets and prioritized data helps hirers and candidates meet each other halfway, all in a calming, thoroughly modern UI.


  • Brand System
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design

Less searching, more finding

Salient details about a company or candidate jump off the screen, making finding the right opportunity a breeze. And powerful filtering puts everyone in a focused state of mind.

Getting connected, even on the go

Modern development doesn’t just happen behind a desk. Every step of the process was customized for mobile devices—because you never know when opportunity knocks.

Landing a job should be exciting, not terrifying

We created custom, playful illustrations that helped empathize with the struggle and uncertainty of finding a great job.

If you want to design your product right, work with Brave UX.

When it comes to translating business needs into a successful product for your users, you want a Brave User Experience. They’re bold: bringing cutting edge concepts, great messaging, and a superb aesthetic to the table. Their UX approach is founded on solid academic principles and in general, they just "get it." Prepare to be engaged and to know your business inside out. If you want to just tell a designer what to do, this is not the route for you. If you want to design your product right, work with Brave UX.

Kramer Keller, Co-Founder, Upfront

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