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Getting in tune
with users

Television Analytics Platform


Giving television a fast forward

The Problem

Your favorite show gets cancelled, or you see the same commercial 20 times. Traditional television doesn’t use data to understand the user in a modern way.

The Solution

Give users - from studios to advertisers and everyone in between - transparency into trends overnight, instead of waiting months. Reveal meaningful connections between what users are actually interested in, so that television watching is time well spent.


We’re Live

It traditionally takes weeks (and in some cases, a year) just to discover how many people watched something on TV. FourthWall gives users data the next day.

This dramatic shift in visibility requires a new model of presenting data to prevent overwhelming users. The right balance between high-level findings and deep dives of specific markets and viewers give users a competitive edge.

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Traveling in time

For a single viewer, TV time is straightforward: some shows happen live, others broadcast every night, local time. But for users at the national level, TV time rolls from east to west. We help users visualize time beyond just a clock or a calendar, but as true, rhythmic patterns.

Users can better adjust their programming, schedule, and messaging, so that they’re perfectly ready to catch the next wave.

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Key Takeaway

Modularity is highly sought-after in UX and development circles. There’s an immediate user benefit: they don’t have to constantly learn how new features work, if they can encounter familiar combinations of features.

What if modularity wasn’t limited to function, but also to data and meaning? Meaningful insight isn’t understanding a single snapshot or a seasonal campaign. It’s understanding the broader context of how viewership and interest align with a complex economy of competing sources of entertainment, devices, and spending patterns.

At the end of the day, viewers will go out of their way to learn about shows, films, and products that they want. Complaints happen when there’s a misalignment between interest, and what’s broadcast.

The best modularity is showing how data–and meaning–can be interconnected to solve this problem.


In living color

With data points down to the second, the volume of available information can be challenging, even for a seasoned data pro. Careful use of selective color, used in a disciplined, consistent way, helps users connect the dots.

But users aren’t just data processing robots. Color can excite and engage on a emotional level. By introducing novel, energetic tones, the entire experience becomes not just more memorable, but genuinely more pleasing to use.

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Focus the group

Viewers are not a monolith. There are diverse interests, needs, and schedules. How do we empower users to rapidly zoom ino their desired audience?

By creating intuitive criteria, and visualizing how the shape of an audience changes, users can confidently navigate a huge population in a meaningful way.

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We challenged Brave to dive deep into the complex, archaic world of television analytics, and the Brave team challenged us to elevate our vision for what our product could be. They took the time to understand all the nuance and detail, and partner with us to craft a product direction that puts us years ahead of the competition. They don’t just care about doing great work; they care about teaching us how to work great.

Ellen Dudar

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, FourthWall Media