Credit Card Points Engine

Making travel easier
than ever before

We turned a successful SharkTank pitch into a illuminating reward travel platform that Mark Cuban would be proud of.

The Problem

Credit card rewards can feel byzantine at best and predatory at worst. Users misunderstand the process for applying for the right credit card, and end up leaving valuable points on the table.

The Solution

Responsibly using rewards cards can pay off in big ways. To help maximize spending, users get predicted scenarios and optimization tools, in a format that’s competitive against the best travel engine search experiences.

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Overall, we were blown away by the Brave team’s efforts. As we got deep into their work, it was clear that great thought went into every part of the UX.

Now that we’ve launched, we’re thrilled with where Brave took us, and are looking forward to continued greatness.

Work with Brave - you’ll appreciate it.

Jon Hayes

Founder & CEO, RewardStock