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Business Travel Application

The founder of set his sights on business travel, and we created a product that turns the industry on its head.


Travel for business has never been worse

Before you even get to the plane, a maze of shifting flights, hotels and meetings awaits you. And there’s no real incentive for anyone to try harder.


Show users the formula, and reward them

A model that you can tinker with is paired with real savings and gift cards to empower and motivate users.


  • Brand System
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Front-end Development

Goodbye, forms

Getting the details of your trip shouldn’t feel like an interrogation. We rethought and resequenced how users plan their trips, so they understand what’s going on and why.

Try a trip on for size

We got rid of sluggish search results of endless, identical-looking options. Instead, users can easily change any part of their trips, and quickly see the impact.

Business travel visualized

Layovers, cabin class, room accomodations—all of these are tangible experiences. Our system of visualizations let users actually see how their options play out.

Brave was the best and brightest in the room.

Brave does more than UX. They helped us think through the entire product — from design to user path to animation. When we needed a partner and some extra brainpower, Brave was the best and the brightest in the room.

Scott Case, President, Upside

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