Business Travel Application

Travel that Takes
Care of Business

Upside's Trip Planner Dashboard on desktop

The founder of set his sights on business travel, and we created a product that turns the industry on its head.

The Problem

Travel for business has never been worse.

Before you even get to the plane, a maze of shifting flights, hotels and meetings awaits you. And there’s no real incentive for anyone to try harder.

The Solution

Show users the formula, and reward them.

A model that you can tinker with is paired with real savings and gift cards to empower and motivate users.

A user planning a trip on the Upside website on a laptop.


Brave does more than UX. They helped us think through the entire product — from design to user path to animation. When we needed a partner and some extra brainpower, Brave was the best and the brightest in the room.

Scott Case

President, Upside